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Posted on 06-19-2017

The beneficial effects of glucosamine sulfate used in Europe more than 60 years ago were initially ignored. Today, it’s called the cure for arthritis by some and “no help” by others in the health field. What to believe? “Cure” may be too optimistic, but this substance does appear to help some patients increase joint movement and decrease joint pain.

Glucosamine is necessary in the production of cartilage for bone ends found within joint capsules. Cartilage facilitates movement, similar to the way in which the plastic covering of weight machine cables prevents wearing and exposure of the cable. Worn cartilage causes worn and fatigued shoulders, knees, hips and backs.


The glucosamine sulfate molecule is small enough to be digested and carried throughout the body. Sulfate prepares the joint to accept glucosamine. Some healthcare professionals believe that the addition of chondroitin sulfate, commonly added to glucosamine sulfate products, only increases the price of the supplement significantly. The chondroitin may be much too large to digest and assimilate at the joints. In my practice, I recommended a combination of glucosamine sulfate and multiple minerals, taken consistently for six months, to see results.

The more advanced your arthritic condition the more likely you are to see results.  However, I would not recommend waiting until it is worse before addressing.  Of course, your treatment would include other nutritional and lifestyle changes along with kinesiological care in our office.  The primary focus for you is that you are willing to do the homework.  The treatment for degeneration is not only in a bottle, it is in how you physically take care of yourself as well.

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star I have been a patient of Dr. A on & off for a number of years -initially for back pain; however I quickly found his wisdom & knowledge far extends that of chiropractic services. No matter what ailes me, D. A's experience & expertise in wholistic care reaches the problem & corrects the issue - from muscular & skeletal complaints to combating a simple cold. I could not recommend a medical practitioner more highly.

Jennifer E.
New York, NY

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